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i'm Booked, now what?

For those of you who want to know it all, here is a list of what happens after you've booked your stay with Life is Good Cabin. It's a lot, but this is all the info that you need to know. Please take the time to read it all.


    Thank you for choosing this little slice of heaven. You had a choice and selected us. We are honored and very much looking forward to hosting you.


    Please email, call/text [252] 513-0514


    You've gotten the booking request and filled it out with the requested info and billing requirements, hit send. Check! You are officially in the system and booked. You'll get instant confirmation emails. Payment is the only thing to make your dates, yours. Until payment is received the dates can still be booked, we regret that we cannot hold dates. There are no 'holdsies'. We've learned the hard way.

    Please send a picture/scan of the front of your Driver's License, guest list with ages and age/breed of dog if applicable. We will cancel the booking if we do not receive it. We check the payment against the license for potential payment fraud.

    A week before your trip, you will receive an email with our amenities list. This PDF is what goodies/extras/everyday items provided at the cabin and helps with packing, or so we hope. The countdown is on!


  • 3 DAYS
    Three days before your stay, you'll get a request for a credit card hold for the security deposit. This only places a hold on your card, and no money is withdrawn. Within five days of check-out inspection, and no damage is found, then the hold will be released. Easy-peasy.


    The day before you'll receive an email with the address linked, to help map from your location to the house if needed. This is sent the day before for the protection of our current guests' enjoyment. We do not send it earlier. No one wants people to drop in on their vacation.

    The lockbox code to gain access to the house and most importantly if you are a work-a-holic or must-be-connected teen, the WiFi password is also included. Please be on the lookout for this email.

    hoo! Unload, get lay of the land. Take a look around the house. Is anything awry? See something damaged? Did the cleaner fall asleep at the wheel? Not likely, but we are all human. Let us know. Send pictures or a text/email/smoke signal letting us know. We cannot change/help/fix/make better what we do not know about. If there is something wrong, we will do everything possible to make it right as fast as humanly possible. ​​

    The day after check-in will be an arrival email checking in with you. This is your chance to give a suggestion, praise, ask questions, help you find an amenity. Let me know what we can do to make your vacation the best it can be. Then we leave you alone to enjoy. Unless you need something else, we respect your hard-won time away and don't want to intrude. We are here if you need us.



Still with me?

Looking for more? Can’t get enough of this beautiful website?
Read our Now What Book to get ideas for things to do while at the cabin.

Attention: Refunds

We cannot and will not refund based upon things that are out of our control. This includes the weather, outages, failure to read the property description, or acts of God. This is common sense. This is a business, but we are a family. We are not a large faceless corporation that can absorb cancellations for avoidable reasons.

  • The temperature of the lake, not Caribbean temperature?
    We are in the mountains of North Carolina.


  • Did the power go out temporarily due to a storm in the area? Cloudy day?
    Mother Nature doesn't listen to anyone. 


  • TV channel strike? Temporary internet outage?
    Way above our paygrade.


Sound outlandish? These are real and true reasons for cancellation or full refund requests.


COVID Cancellation Policy

We will refund in full, less a 3% credit card fee, if Burke County/North Carolina issues a shutdown. We ask that you notify us if someone in your party becomes ill with COVID. We will also ask that if someone is running a temperature or exhibiting signs of COVID that you do not let them travel with your group.

If you are worried about your trip or what may happen between now and then, please purchase CFAR (Cancel for any Reason) trip insurance. As my mother always said, "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." 


We refund 30 days before check in less a $175 administrative fee plus the 3% credit card fee if paid by credit. If we re-rent the time, we will refund less any difference.

We will work with you as best we can, but understand that we cannot provide coverage for things we simply cannot control or are fully within your control.

Additional Terms and Conditions


We will charge and evict for over-occupancy. The rate is $150 per person per night, a $175 administrative fee and applicable occupancy taxes. We use the declared guest list at the time of booking and signed rental agreement. Anyone undeclared will be charged. Our stated maximum occupancy count is 6. This includes children zero (0) and older.

Beginning July 1, 2022, Burke County's new Short Term Rental zoning laws will go into effect for us. The restrictions include number of guests, cars, trash allowed plus a new licensing requirement with very heavy fines and suspensions if we exceed occupancy, noise or parking limits. We are limited to 2 persons per bedroom and 3 cars maximum which must be parked in the driveway.


We will not risk our guests safety, the neighborhoods wellbeing nor the very expensive rental license over someone trying to save money or think the rules do not apply to them.


If you have more than 6 in your group please let us know before and we can possibly recommend another rental in the neighborhood to keep everyone safe. We will not go over our occupancy. It's for everyone's safety.

Undeclared Pets

Any undeclared pets will be charged $300 per pet, plus an administrative fee of $175, and applicable taxes. You will forfeit your security deposit and will be asked to leave with no reimbursement of monies paid. Please just leave them with a pet sitter at home. No sneaking allowed.


No one likes surprises, if this doesn't agree with you, you are welcome to cancel promptly without penalty within 24 hours of booking. Or if you read this before booking, and disagree with our policies, we encourage you to keep looking and find a more agreeable place for your vacation. We want you to find the perfect place for you.


The current trend to have huge refunds or full chargebacks for such things like 'I didn't like the color of the house', for example, is not welcome here. Be honest and level with us and you will get the same in return.

Simply, we want to provide you with a wonderful and comfortable experience for you and your guests, here in our home.


Thank you and we look forward to hosting your upcoming vacation.


Life is Good Cabin

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