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To our new friends:


We are happy that you have chosen to visit Lake James, and we wish you a relaxing stay. We will do all that we can to ensure that your time here is worry-free.


Please be sure to contact us if you have any issues with the rental, or develop any difficulties during your stay. We always have someone available by phone to respond to any calls or messages left. Call or email.


As a courtesy to all of our friends and neighbors, please read over the following house rules:


  • Loud music or gatherings - our neighbors do work, so please refrain from loud disturbances during the work week and move the noise inside after 10 pm.


  • Outside lights - make sure that the outdoor lights are turned off when you go to sleep and not shining in a neighbor’s window.


  • Remember to keep your guests, including dog(s), on this property and not allowing them to wander over to others private property. Please keep dog(s) on a leash at all times when outside and clean up after them. We cannot accept cats due to allergies of both owner and our children.


  • Be mindful of the No Wake buoys that are in the coves, look out for swimmers, kayaks, and canoes. If you bring or rent a boat, please dock on the front or right side, looking out at the lake, of the dock. This allows our neighbors to get their boat out as well.


  • Trash and debris - please make sure all of the house and dock trash are placed inside the containers provided. If you have excessive trash, click here for directions for dumping. Don't burn excess trash on our beach, that's just environmentally rude.


We enjoy being able to rent our home, and the happiness of our neighbors is very important. Thank you for treating our family home, and our neighborhood friends with respect.

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