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Count on Me NC Certified

COVID concerns about cleaning and how we are doing our part, we have taken the NC training for 'Count On Me NC' We are the only vacation rental in Nebo that has taken the training, to date. Our cleaners have also taken training.

We care about our guests and their safety. We have removed potential items from the home and reviewed our cleaning practices. High touch surfaces and potential spots are thoroughly cleaned. Hospital-grade cleaners are used following both CDC and WHO cleaning guidelines just as we do in our own home.

But we also ask that any guest who does not feel well enough to travel, exhibiting symptoms, or waiting on COVID tests to not travel to our home. We also ask that we get notified if someone falls ill after their stay. This is our home and we do stay here as well. We treat it just like our home and protect it for us as well as our guests.

We have cleaner and rags for additional cleaning if you choose in the home for peace of mind during your stay.


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