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It's a miracle

We bought the house five years ago. It's taken five years to get the house to where I finally came out and didn't work on a project. Not. A. Single. One. (Ok, thats a bit of a lie, a few little ones like the sign posts we have been making, but that was for fun.)

Directional signs that the kids painted for the different attractions around. We plan of adding more as time goes by and we explore more and more.
Pointing the way

It didn't stop John from bringing most of the tools from the garage just in case. (He knows me too well after 22 years of marriage after all.) But we only used a few and then let them sit there. It was glorious!

We sat on the dock. We went fishing, we went blueberry picking. We snacked. We ate. We took the kids camping in a rainstorm. We watched fireworks from the dock. We tubed. We paddled. We explored new places. We didn't do much of anything.We had our very own 'first' vacation, at the house!

If you had told me it would be five years before we could actually sit and enjoy the house I wouldn't have believed you. It's been a long, strange and eye-opening journey. We have made some wonderful new friends. And we had a few people who just didn't respect the house as we would have hoped. But the trade-off is we have a house brimming with memories already.

Our youngest has grown up at the house and has developed the deep rooted love for the lake and its glittering green waters. It's been a true treat to watch him toddle in from the beach, to taking off on his own kayak and paddle right out the cove in hot pursuit of his siblings. We call him the 'Kayak-King'. Five years gone in a blink.

Sorry for the groaner, the kids call them 'Mom jokes'. Worse than 'Dad jokes'.

Even the doggo got some splash time.

We camped on Long Arm in the state park, (during high winds and torrential downpours). It was the kids christmas wish and they loved the experience. If they loved it during that weather, they are hearty kiddos indeed.

We got to do a late night swim, have the place to ourselves. A private island with a sand bar for easy crossing. A campfire that lasted till the thunder started and then family UNO battles inside the tent when the rain did fall.

We packed up the next day and left no trace. It was an experience that we will do again soon. (Note to self: Cots, the adults need cots.)

We played and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was full of family and fun. Lots of card games, lots of diving off the dock and just watching the world go by for once.

All I can say is Life is Good. We'll see you on the dock, just follow the signs.


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