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Lakefront Vacation Rental Makeover Time

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

It seems quiet here. But it has been anything but quiet. It's been a trip or three or four to the lake! We didn't have an overwinter renter for the first time since owning the house. So we are taking full advantage of the time to kick off our lakefront vacation rental makeover.

And I mean FULL advantage. You'd think the Clampett's had arrived.

I had to make a list we have done so much in such a short amount of time. I feel the house is finally hitting its stride. Things are finally settling into place and where things should be. I must have moved the furniture a million times.

John even said it feels like our home now. We have eradicated most of the "came with the house" furniture. It feels so good to see it gone. The house has a personality and I personally love it. I have pulled the mission style, arts and crafts vibe to the fore. It's timeless and warm.

I wanted to post photos but we are still in the midst of tying up little things here and there and I want to show off this sleeping beauty in her finest.

I can leave a few teasers here.

I do love the projects big and small. Every time we head to the lake we dismantle the house and the only time we see it back together is the morning we leave. :(

But we did have fun along the way. Because when you are in a place this beautiful, you have to stop every now and again and be on the lake when the mist lifts.

Or cozy up after a long day of work... near the new fireplace and play Shut the Box game. Have you played it? It's addictive.

Or even throw in a quick, 'use it up' project with a little kid help.

The trash cans occasionally get knocked down the hillside, so we built parking spaces for them.


Here's just a partial list of 2020 changes (and yes, we are only halfway through February):

  1. Trash Can Parking area

  • Driveway Edging

  • Stair Arbor

  • Beach cleanup

  • Stream cleanup

  • The Great Rock Migration Relocation Program (reclaimed all the kid tossed rocks into the lake, back to the beach)

  • Yard trimming and path cleanup

  • Removed several blowdown trees

  • Cleaned off the roof, then the deck and then the yard

  • Split a cord of firewood

  • Built firewood rack

  • Moved firewood from the upper driveway to lower yard (Nailed my step goal for the day!)

  • Painted Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen

  • Painted Loft

  • Painted Hall

  • Painted Master Bedroom

  • Cleaned out the shed

  • Hung kid swing beneath the porch

  • Handpainted location signs for entrance arbor

  • Made custom TV room furniture

  • Refinished Master bedroom luggage bench

  • Refinished kitchen stools

  • Reglued the footstool of the antique Arts & Crafts furniture

  • Cleaned out the guest linen closet and reset

  • Made new rags from trashed linens

  • Found the missing pack n' play sheet

  • Rebuilt tallboy drawers

  • Upgraded the master bedroom furniture with new jewelry

  • New TV room furniture

  • Refurb outlet and switch covers

  • New Master bedroom furniture, nightstands, bedframe, lounging chair and my great-grandmothers' small wood inlaid tea table

  • New dining table light

  • Glassed all tables and furniture, (hopefully no more water rings on the wood furniture)

  • New Queen mattress for lower bedroom

  • Repurposed the loft into kid haven

  • Redesigned TV room in a cozy adult haven

More to come, stay tuned...


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