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It took some time but it's all done. The new pier to the dock is all replaced. You don't realize what a challenge it is to replace anything on the side of a mountain, or on the side of the mountain and over a lake. All the materials needed to be brought across the lake on a pontoon. The contractor needed a barge and machinery to set the piers into the lake bed. It's amazing to watch it grow from the lake's edge.

Every year, Duke lowers the water level of the lake. Full pond (100') is referred the average they want it but with storms and runoff from the mountains this can fluctuate and cause the level to go from 95' to 106' in the course of a day. (This is the reason we ask for the canoe to be pulled up and out of the waterline). Chairs, boats and toys, even docks, can be carried off with no warning.

So we need to build the pier above full pond to allow for the lake level to rise and fall with weather. The lake level is down to 95.6 right now so you can walk easily under the pier.

That won't be for long or especially during a storm. It's easier to build on dry land vs. a few feet underwater. It was going to be a winter project.

We have seen the dock floating above the pier by a few feet. Never a good sight and that's what prompted our old pier to finally take its final bow after this summer, as it's served so many over the years since it's installation. Looking more like an old hurricane embattled ocean pier, ours had to say good bye.

So say hello to the new pier. Nice and straight, it's no longer an aging old spine. The sturdy handrails lead you to the large dock to enjoy sundowners or launch the canoe for a sunrise paddle.

We have a bit more work like sanding down the wood and staining. The pier makes the dock rails look bad and we will be replacing those to match the new ones. Isn't that always the way? Each spruce up makes the next part look more needy. Not to mention the tacky lumber tags I haven't taken off yet. Always something to do.

We are excited to try it out this spring. What do you think of the new pier?


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