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Summer bucket list

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Can you feel it yet? The crickets chirping, bull frogs croaking and the lightning bugs blinking slowly in the humid heat.

Every year school lets out and within the first few days of their SUMMER, regardless of the actual date, I ask the kids what is on their summer bucket list. There are some doozies but as the years roll by, faster and faster, the lists have become more fine-tuned and targeted. It’s neat to see what the kids have on their mind to give themselves the Best. Summer. Ever.

  1. Visit their Grandparents. #1 Every year. I love that they can spend time with them and have such a fantastic time. I never got this opportunity but they can and it makes it so worth it!

  2. Play on the swings.

  3. Play in the trees.

  4. Go see the latest movie. Great rainy day option.

  5. Go to the park. They ride on bikes by themselves and is a big deal!

  6. Go to the beach. 4th of July day spent on the beach with the wild horses and friends. New tradition.

  7. Play in the grass. Might have to break out the tent and do overnight sleepover outside under the stars.

  8. Go in the pool. Water rats the lot of ‘em. You want them good and tired, 5 hours of swimming will do the trick.

  9. Go to the mountains. Check

  10. Go to the lake. Double check.

One of my earliest memories is swimming in the lake of my childhood home. The dark army green water with the sun rays filtering down in arrows-like shafts of light. Swimming just between the cool dark bottom and the sun warmed top. Blowing bubbles and watching them rise into the watery blue sky above my head.

Best. Summer. Ever.

Caellum checking out a school of minnows on the dock.

This year we are going to take a week off and spend it with my favorite people in the world and hopefully make some lasting memories for them. Playing in the water, dialing in Caellum’s back flip off the dock. Hiking some trails on Grandfather Mountain and add to Liam’s rock collection and maybe catching a few water falls. Maybe go tubing. S'mores over the campfire with the littles. Definitely rent a pontoon and spend long lazy days on the water. Just enjoying each other.

This is why we do this.

To share family.

To share stories.

To share each other.


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