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The Purpose

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

So I have been mulling over the idea of where to take the blog. Travel inspiration? Rehab follow along? Local insider info? Too many ideas.

As my mother would have said you can't compete with China. So I should write to my strengths. We are new to the area also so I can't write that I know everything to do, but I can write as we discover places.

We are a small, tiny, little dusty corner of the internet. So with that in mind I want to shape this blog like a journal. SPOILER ALERT: I am in no way a professional writer. I am sure I will offend some grammar authoritarian at least several times each post.

But like the cabin, this is just about us and our family that went out on a limb and bought a neglected old cabin and wants to share it with others. We will be rehabbing it and showing it love as we can. We will explore just like others coming here. I am alway curious to find new places, new things or even discover why, for example, is there a Lake James?

Follow along with us. Who knows where it will lead?


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