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Time to say Goodbye

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Well, it's been swell. You have been there for us. Supporting us. Giving your best, to make the world a little brighter. We have enjoyed our time together but now it's time to say goodbye and move on.

It looks worn and past its prime not matter how clean it was. Bye Felecia!
Previous owners tried to make it last... Why did they have to paint everything baby poop brown. I hate this color.

It's time for a new deck!

I said you I was coming for you. You are old, you did your best but it's time to rest now. It's time to move over and let the new kid have their time in the sun.

Can you tell I am excited?

I have been dreaming about this since we stayed at the house that first night.

I sat out under the stars and watched the candle flicker on the table. The lake lapping at the shore provided a nice soothing sound for my overworked soul.

Being on the back deck is one of my favorite spots on the property.

Its amongst the trees, shaded and secluded. You can see the blue mountains peeking from beyond the cove. You can watch the kids playing on the beach and dock. Grab a cup of tea and sway in the rocker and listen to the birds chirping in the woods. It's the definition of peace for me.

looking out the cover toward Lake James and the mountains.
Dreamy deck views about to get a whole bunch nicer.

So we found a builder. That was quite the task. Not a whole lot of people want to work in the area so it's real hard to find a good quality builder to say yes to your rambling idea for a new deck.

But sketched out and drawn for improvements like extending another 2 feet towards the water and then adding a large extension off the kitchen side to take better advantage of the view line down the cove. We also thought about practical things like not falling off the deck when you open the back door. The door and the deck were within inches of the same depth so when you opened the door you had to step around it to stay on the deck. I don't think that was ever practical.

So we are widening it to make room for entry to the home.

We are also connecting the deck all the way around the cabin.

It will provide some protection to the basement and shade the brand new heat pump we put in this past summer but also allow you to walk from the driveway right to the deck. Bonus for me is being able to clean the outside of the kitchen window that gets grimy from time to time and I don't have to sit in the sink to clean it. Winning!

I know what you are thinking, it's just a deck. I get it. It is just a deck. But it's finally showing some big love to this poor little place thats been here faithful, year after year with not a whole lot of change. I think the old girl would like some new bling and fancy stuff.

new railing over looking the lake.
The railings...

The railing will allow better views too. We are trying to think of everything. I hope that you'll come out and see for yourself our little corner of paradise. I promise the views will be better than ever.

Wheeeeeee. Come on April! See you on the [NEW] deck!


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