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Turn and Burn

John and I refer to these trips as 'turn and burns'. You are in the car longer than you are at the place you are traveling to.

Well, I left 3 am Saturday morning, sans children, to do a pre-run of new stuff for the cabin before we head out next week for spring break. Artwork, furniture, stereo... (an excuse to go see the deck in-person). This cleared out about half my garage and guest room where it's been for the last three months and I was tired of tripping over it.

I got in about 9:30 am and glimpsed the new deck jutting out from the side of the house.

It's big, It's glorious in its size and sturdiness. It will be fantastic when finished.

Life is Good cabin new deck extension
The new deck extension and wraparound

First thing I did? Jumped on it. Didn't even budge. No more baby poop brown. Just fresh clean, straight pine, stretching out before me. Trying to envision the deck railing in place and what colors to stain it after it's seasoned for 6 months. Fingers crossed that nothing gets spilled this season till we can stain it.

The wrap-around is halfway across the chasm.

the wraparound deck is almost there
New meets old

corner of the deck coming along
You can see where the old deck stopped

The elongated T of brown on the siding is where the old handrail was. You can see how it now wraps around under the kitchen window and back towards the driveway.

The ever present spiderwebs will need to be brushed off. The new outdoor sconces are up and pretty. It's truly coming along.

I will post more as I get them but it was nice to sit out, dangle my feet off the side and finally see the sun break out across the lake.

May this view never get old...

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