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  • What time is Check-in?
    Check in is at 4 pm. Please respect this time. This allows our cleaner the proper amount of time to ready a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath 2200 sqft home. Just imagaine your family drops in early before you are ready.
  • What time is Check-out?
    Check-out is 10am. Please respect this time. This allows our cleaner the proper amount of time to ready a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath 2,200 sqft home. He is a wonderful guy and appreciates the time to properly launder all the linens and get this house sparkiling clean just like when you arrived.
  • I'm booking, now what?"
    I have accepted the booking and I just have some paperwork to get completed and need the following emailed to this address: Copy of your Driver's License (can be a cell pic) Just like a hotel, we will match this to the booking information (Name/Address) to cut down on Credit Card fraud Names and ages of all travelers in the group (required by our insurance/occupancy) Email address Home address Best contact number while traveling (cell is what is usually sent) I will send the NC Vacation Rental Agreement and the Canoe Waiver for your signature once I receive all the information to fill out the agreement. You can see a sample here. It will be a online, one-click electronic signature document. Please make sure this is returned within 24 hours of booking or your dates will not be held. All booked? Read this please.
  • Why do you ask for all that information?
    I get it. These days you have to be careful who you hand over information to. These items are required for the contract, and our insurance/county enforced occupancy limit. We also add your email to our mailing list. I promise, we do not abuse it. I hate SPAM just as much as you do. The most you might get is 2 emails a year. A end of year Christmas card or possibly a special offer as previous guest perks. If you don't want to be added then just drop us a note and I will pull you off any further communications. Simple and quick. I am an honest person and don't want to annoy anyone with 'Marketing' but if you don't, you can't grow a business. We respect your wishes either way.
  • Can I bring more than 6 people?
    Yes, they make air beds. NO, you may not bring more than our occupancy limit of 6. A NEW Burke County law goes into effect June 1, 2022. No more than 2 guest per bedroom. Our home is not equipped for more than 6. Best suited for family, ex: 4 adults and 2 children, or three couples. We do not overstuff our home or do heads in beds, couches, airbeds and lofts. It's expensive to replace septics and we just don't want that much wear and tear on our home. We appreciate that you want to have everyone with you and we are happy to recommend other close by homes for rent to keep the vacation in the family and neighborhood. Please just ask. If you do bring more than six (6) we lose our license for a year. If we lose our license due to over occupancy by you/your guests we will pursue the loss of income, the reinstatement license and any re-inspections, time and travel for recovering these costs for the next year from you. We cannot afford to have this damage to our business, home or neighborhood. Please, we ask that you do not over occupy our home. Please don't put us in this situation to have to enforce this clause. Fingers crossed that no one ever will.
  • Parking, what is available?
    We have a steep driveway. We can fit up to 3 cars in the driveway. The turnaround is a public right-of-way and State maintained road and if you park you will get a ticket. Do not block the mailman, people turning around or the trash truck. Please make sure you and your guests are pulled all the way off the pavement and safely in our driveway only. We appreciate you being kind to our neighbors and neighborhood services. The boat launch has overnight free parking just over a mile from the house.
  • You have a security camera?
    YES, we have a single stationary camera at the house front and rear. This allows us to remotely check if garbage has been picked up, cleaner has arrived, weather events, lake levels and the general safety of our home (discovering the tree almost squished the house flat one night). The front camera shows the front stairs and driveway to the home. The rear is focused on the dock for lake level monitoring. It doesn't intrude on any private space. The images below are actual screen shots. Thank you for understanding that we are only looking after our home.
  • I can't find your address?
    We don't have our address listed anywhere on the site on purpose. Simply, this is to prevent theft. Think about posting a calendar with all the days your aren't home for public viewing. Oh!, and pictures of what you have in your home for easy shopping. We send an email with handy visual directions in PDF form and the address the day before check-in. This ensures the safety of our current guests and home.
  • What do I need to bring?
    We send, a week before your stay, our amentities listing. It has all the stuff that we have been asked about. Laundry detergent, kids items, ect. We hope it makes packing a bit easier so you know what to expect when you arrive.
  • Why book direct?
    Great question! Simply put: Booking direct saves you money. The big online travel agencies like VRBO, AirBnB, Glamping, ect. charge booking fees. This is on top of charging the owners for listing as well. You think "and I care why?" It's the same service. I have to increase my prices to cover the listing, advertising and fees that they charge just to be seen. Their marketing budget is far bigger than mine and they have taken up all the room on search engines. I don't like paying more and I know you don't either. So shop the big sites and do yourself a favor. Google the name of the house, or a picture of the house. I bet that they have their own website. It's just like the shop local push. We are a family owned 'business'. We don't have millions to back us. It's me the marketer, my husband, the handyman and my kids, the product testing division.
  • I've booked, now what?"
    Click here to get a walkthrough of what happens next and what to expect.
  • Do you have a boat?
    YES, we have a canoe that you can use on the lake for fun adventures. We ask that you pull the boat all the way out of the lake. The lake level can rise and fall quickly. It will take the canoe right out if the level rises. If this happens you will be responsible for retrieval or replacement if necessary.
  • Will my boat fit?
    YES, We have a deep water dock and 2 tie points. We ask that you tie up front or on the right side of the dock as to not block our neighbors from getting their boat in and out. There are bright red cleats on the dock ready for you to moor. The depth off the very end of the dock is about 10 feet at normal lake level (96ft) and rapidly increases further out in the cove. We have docked a 28' Pontoon and a 26.5' boat at the dock.
  • Can I leave my trailer at the house?
    YES, there is enough room for a large trailer, (no Titanics please) to pull off the road and onto the far side of the turnaround for storing your trailer while you are here. We suggest splashing the boat before arriving at the house. This will help with turning the trailer around at the house and getting it parked. The boat launch is a short car ride away at the Canal Bridge.
  • Where can I drop my boat?
    You can splash at the public boat ramp approx 2 miles from the house at the Public Boat Ramp. I would recommend dropping the boat before heading in and then parking the empty trailer at the house to save a bit of jockeying around. The turnaround is tight but can be done.
  • Is the house on the lake?
    YES, we are waterfront.
  • Can I view the house before I book?
    YES, take a walkthrough from the comfort of your own space.
  • Is there a washer/dryer?
    YES, we have a new full-sized washer (it sings to you) and dryer downstairs in the dedicated laundry room at the back of the house. We ask that you bring your own detergent and ask very kindly, to empty the lint from the dryer after every load to prevent a dryer fire. No wants to have the fire department called during their vacation. Reminder: Emergency number is .
  • How many steps to the house?
    The home is in the mountains. There are stairs. There is 8 steps from the driveway, there are 30 from the road. The house is three levels with 2 interior staircases. Also there is another 12 steps to the lake on gravel paths. We regret this is not a handicap friendly home.
  • Do you allow pets?
    Dog: Yes, one adult, full grown dog per booking allowed. We cannot accept dogs under the age of 2 years old due to lack of training and high potential for accidents. We reserve the right to deny a pet based on breed/home owner insurance requirements. Cat: NO, we regret due to severe allergies of our family we cannot accomodate the feline furry family members.
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