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Care for a swim?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The latest water temp was taken 2 hours ago. It's 56 degrees. I can't imagine swimming in 56 degree water. Well, a long time ago someone pushed me in Birchwood Lake and it was 38 degrees. I didn't like it. And they weren't a friend anymore.

SwimRun Lake james logo

This weekend is the first SwimRunLakeJames. Not sure what it is? Is a race through the park thats just around the corner from the cabin. The race distances are here. John says the only way he'll run if he's being chased and even then he'd have to think about it. My glory running days are behind me as my knees are too shot to take that kind of abuse but I am still excited for our guest that will be in it!

Go Erin GO!

She reached out to see how far away our cabin is from the race and it's a short 2 mile drive, less if you swim to get to the start. She's bringing the family and combining her race with the kids spring break. How awesome!

We have sent her the weather update for today and the latest temps for the lake. We hope that she does her best. We're rooting for her! Let us know how you do, Erin!

swimmer using paddles to swim across lake james in nc
Swimming in Lake James. April 2018 @swimrunlakejames

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