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Long day of chores

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Kids are playing Star Wars with home made light sabers from drift wood from the lake.

I’ve excavated the fire pit back down to it’s original depth. After 5 years of marshmallow smores and families gathering around, it was overflowing. It took 2 hours it dig it out. Layer upon layer of ash solidified into a layer cake of memories.

The sun is getting ready to set, turning the far banks bright red and the mountains are turning navy. Birds are chirping in the trees. The overwhelming color of spring green is everywhere.

Its been a day of pulling weeds and reclaiming the paths and beach back from an invasion of what I’ve come to discover false hawksbeard. The stuff is relentless. Think regular dandelions and multiply it by a thousand on each stem. And it can grow to 5 feet tall. They like newly disturbed dirt and are very prolific. It’s take two days and more than 8 hours to weed just the stairs, paths and beach area. I have the lower path and more of the driveway to tackle over the next few days. This has just happened in a month! Spring has sprung.

Whats worse? When you tear it out before it goes to seed, it pops all the seed pods in a last gasp to keep going. It looked like a toddler blew them all over. I have been sneezing and snuffling all day.

Here are a few before and after to show at least some progress. if you find this weed in your yard get it gone as quick as you can. You can thank me later. 🤣

There is nothing glamorous about owning a vacation rental. You dream about sitting lakeside sipping a cool drink. Reality is getting flocked by 5 foot tall dandelions for fun. But sometimes you can sit and enjoy a campfire from time to time. 🔥 For me, worth it.


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