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Playtime at the Catawba Meadows Park

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In downtown, Morganton is the Greenway. On the Greenway is the gem you seek. The price? FREE! I got you. Twenty minutes from the vacation rental is your cure for 'Momma needs a break'. Go play at the Catawba Meadows Park in Morganton.

On the Greenway is the gem you seek. The price? FREE!

A fortress on a grand scale!

I would have given up all my Little Ponies for a playground like this as a kid.

Let's talk a walk...

Beanstalk 'Older Kids' structure, first side facing parking lot.

One the first side of the 'older kids' structure is a slide, rope climb.

America Ninja Warrior style Bridge at the park

American Ninja bridge, wheelchair ramp to the ramp that runs completely 360. A chain bridge, a rope bridge, an anchored rope ball bridge leads

Endless play options

to a central climbing tower. A gang plank walk as well.

Central tower with multiple entry points and even a hidden swing.

Beanstalk playground side two - wheel chair access

The next side is all wheelchair accessible ramps to gain climb to the top. Plenty of benches for admiring the view and garbage cans to keep it clean.

Beanstalk Playground, third side with zip line swing behind

The far tower houses a walk through with mini hideout and a rope swing bridge to the other side.

A slide gives access to the zip line swing chair.

Zip line swing!

Then a rope ladder climbs to second level.

Then a rope ladder climbs to the second level.

Test your courage going over a second story rope bridge

A suspension bridge leads back to the first side. The choice of twisty slides on this side are here.

Then there is the second level. Two spider web pits, lookouts and slide ports are scattered at the top.

Fun slides

Spider web pits

Spider pit with views of the Greenway.

Then there is the younger kid's side.

The younger kids version! Best. Day. Ever.

Younger side has a centrally designed tower to oversee the arms of the different equipment.

There is a covered Picnic area.

There are three of these, on a peace sign shaped path. Lots of room for gatherings and parties.

Women’s bathroom has a changing table and there is even a water fountain with a dog-friendly lower bowl.

Changing station at the bathroom

Water fountains at the Park, pet-friendly!

Did I mention they also have a Disc Course?

Catawba Meadows Park Nature Disc Course

But you know what this leads too, right?

Tired kiddos.

Ready to go?

701 Sanford Dr, Morganton, NC 28655

Or you can watch the action here.


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