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Epiphany (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

[This is a series of year end posts about our year in review]

It started in 2015, we were invited to stay with my brother and his family on Lake James. I was 8+ months pregnant with our last child. Unwieldy is a term I would use for my condition. I waddled more than walked. We stayed in a home with gorgeous views of the mountains and right out on the main part of the lake. There was a small sandy area where I could beach myself in a chair and watch the kids play in the clear water.

It was magical.

My daughter playing the lake for the first time.
Her first summer on the lake.

That was it.

It clicked.

I missed the water.

I grew up on a lake. It is my childhood. I wanted the same for my kids.

Question was could we do it?


This is a series of year end posts about our year in review. Missed the first parts? Click to read the whole story.


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