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Lake House Renovation Progress

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Home again, home again.

It was a whirlwind trip once again to the lake house. Kids spring break and just in time to catch the last of the deck construction. This has been a great project for the lakehouse. It will make vacation renting so much better for our guests.

Tools scattered on the deck
So close, so much dust

The first night we put plywood against the railings that weren't finished so we could just sit out on the deck and see what it will be like. The boys helped build the swing. In typical NC weather, it was got cold and even snowed on Grandfather Mountain that night.

bundled up kids sitting on the swing
Wrapped up brother and sister

Snacks set out in from the new fire pit
Testing out the new deck in style

Mr. Tony finished up on April 18th and our first guests of the season checked in yesterday April 19th. Wow. That was a crunch. We got to have one dinner on the new deck and it was glorious.

Gathered for our first meal on the new deck
Dining al fresco. Nothing better

Gentle reminders were given to the kids not to drop anything not the deck as we have to wait 6 months to stain and seal the deck, it was a nail biter. Why did I cook noodles and meat sauce?

So to get to the details, there are three areas to gather on the enlarged deck. The three person swing where the kids and I played UNO in between battles of fighting off carpenter bees eating the cedar trim that wraps the extended eaves of the cabin.

The new big table that expands to seat 8. So much more room that it extends two extra feet from the old deck. You have still have room to move around the table with chairs pulled out.

And my new favorite, the fire pit. For those lazy nights when you don't feel like walking 40 feet to the beach and burn wood, lakeside.

Fire pit table
Fire pit table

I don't know why I love Blue Glass so much but when I saw this, we skipped the lava rocks that came with the table and upgraded to those shining beauties. The glass top reflects the tree tops making neat pattern on the table.

So it's all built and the kids have already turned it into a race track running all the way around. And around and around.

Just have to wait and stain it. Still trying to figure out what that color scheme would be. John's not a big fan of the National Park Service cream and green the cabin is now. I found that one point it was painted barn red when touching up and covering the spots where the old railing attached to the house. Can't even imagine.

Even after driving 6 and a half hours through some of the worst storms I have ever driven through, numerous accidents and a tornado touchdown in Hillsborough.

We are home and already I can't wait to go back. But in the meantime, I hope our guests enjoy it for us.


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