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Life is Good indeed...

Updated: May 20, 2019

The origin story.

John and I started searching for our little slice of life many moons ago. We purchased a camp in upstate NY, in the Tug Hill area. Not much to look at but it had running HOT water and at that time, that was more than enough. We spent lots of time there tearing up the trails on ATVs and building some of the largest bonfires I have ever seen.

A 10 foot wide fire pit begs these kinds of challenges.

John was more than up for the task. :).

Soon family discovered our little mudder paradise. Dad started bringing Mom up for getaway weekends. Stoking the firestove and seeing just how warm he could get it. They loved canoeing on the pond, dreaming of changes to the camp. Then my brother and his family came up for weekends. Then my sister...

Fast forward to us moving to North Carolina. We moved to the Outer Banks to get away from traffic, stress and people. We moved straight into Tourist Town. The Banks are gorgeous on the 'shoulder' and off season. In season, it's not as much fun. Too many people, can't go out on the weekends due to HEAVY traffic, heck, most weekends we can't get out of our driveway. Bumper-to-bumper. Not what I had envisioned.

My brother, who went to school in Tennessee, planned his family vacation in the Blue Ridge. An extended invitation for my family was given. It was wonderful! Smack dab on the Lake James. Sunsets were breath taking. I was 8 months pregnant but it was the most relaxed I had been in years.

I missed the sounds, the gentle lapping at the shore, the earthy smell of trees and even more majestic views of the mountains!

The obession was ignited right then and there. Lake side, in a beachchair, watching my two older boys play in the water with their cousin. Splashing, laughing, sending sprays of water into the warming sun beam, it took a deep hold.

I wanted to see if it was even possible for us to get our own place. The walk from the lake to the rental was hard, huffing and puffing, in my current state didn't help. I wanted to have easy access to the water. I wanted views. I wanted a beach, not rip-rap, not a bulkhead, a beach to let the littles play by the water. I wanted a quiet section of the lake. Linville side is know for being the cleanest in the state. That was a must too. No HOA fees. Somewhere already established. Hopefully afforable. HA. The 'want' list was getting long. Who knew if all this was even sane. Even I had my doubts.

Files, scraps of paper, notebooks filled with calculations scribbled on every available inch. I lusted, cried, gave up several times. I threw the files out twice. Eyerolls from John when I mentioned "well, what if we...".

But the dreams didn't stop. Hearing my daughter giggle as she jumps off a dock. The boys paddling in a cove. Seeing the stars over the mountains. It just wouldn't stop.

I think this is what is meant by it gets into your bones. I grew up in a town called Mountain Lakes, think I had a chance of ignoring this? Nope.

So June 1, 2017, four years after my Dad passed away, we bought our heaven on earth. He would have LOVED this.


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