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Our First Trip - Continued (Part 3)

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

[This is a series of year end posts about our year in review]

The Lake.

We wandered down the path with kids streaming out in front. Squealing with anticipation.

It's a carolina blue sky. Big puffy white clouds. Birds are singing. Slight breeze off the lake.

It's gorgeous.

We round the bend and see it. Or don't see it as the case may be. The cove.

The cove is nearly completely blocked.

By a tree.

The neighbors tree fell. Into the cove, crushing his boat house and dock.

I had poured over the photos of the rental listing in those long cold days.

  1. Long views of the mountains.

  2. Quiet cove.

  3. Private dock.

Nope. Big whomping tree blocking the views I had been dreaming of for months.

Big tree was not part of the listing, nor the appeal.

I felt bad. What an unfortunate thing to happen to the neighbor.

Do you know what we did?

We enjoyed it anyway.

We paddled.

We swam.

We jetski'd.

We had a blast. Our oldest learned how to use the SUP. Second son went for a wild ride on the jetski with his Dad. Our daughter took her first solo swim. The youngest got his first taste of what life could be like on the water. It was exactly how I dreamed it would be. This is how I wanted my family to spend their time together.

The water was beautiful. Clear, warm and begging for us to enjoy. So we did.

We found some pruners in the shed. That afternoon we helped the neighbors cut up the tree. All on vacation.

Truth be told, I bought the house that day in my mind. Despite the condition. The tree, the dust, the bad furniture. I loved it. I could see what it could be. A very special place to make life long memories. It made me 'remember my why'.


This is a series of year end posts about our year in review. Missed the first parts? Click to read the whole story.


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