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Tourism in time of a global pandemic

Are we affected by this pandemic? Yes, we are. We have closed our cabin until we hear when it will be safe to open again. These are scary times for all. We are using this time to attend newly weekly online seminars from the NC tourism bureau.

They share excellent information on the latest news and figures on what is happening to everyone in this industry.

All from home.

An update on the tourism industry and statewide resources amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Topics:

  • Overview of the North Carolina Economy – Anthony Copeland, NC Secretary of Commerce

  • State of the Tourism Industry in North Carolina – Wit Tuttell, EDPNC/Visit NC

  • Current Rules and Regulations Regarding Restaurants and Lodging – Lynn Minges, NC Restaurant & Lodging Association

  • Financial Assistance Available for North Carolina Businesses – John Loyack, EDPNC

  • Unemployment and Re-employment News for NC – Anthony Copeland, NC Secretary of Commerce

This is reassuring that the bureau is actively communicating information and at a rapid pace. Critical when news comes out hourly. We will try to pass this information on to you. We hope that we all weather this together and just get back to what will be a new normal.

Small business loans designed to cover the next 30-60 days for coverage until federal stimulus money reaches the impacted industries. For example, the hotel sector for NC is 1800 strong with 53,000 employees that are expecting to layoffs of 23,000.

NC has taken 195,000 unemployment claims in the last 8 days on a system to handle 3000 a week. To say the system is taxed is an overstatement. Covid is the number one reason for separation. They have opened 50 new positions just to help process these claims.

My thoughts? This is a crazy time and I hope that after this clears and we can all reconnect and use this time as best we can with our families and loved ones.

Next week seminar topic:


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