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When is enough, enough?

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

I am sitting here contemplating launching another site for Lake James. I got too much on my plate but here I sit looking to do more. Why is more always more?

I can hear my mother now, "know when to quit". Great advice, terrible in follow through.

Do I want this little known secret to get out how wonderful Lake James really is and how small town USA's still exisit? It would be great for business but bad for what I love about the lake. It's off the beaten path. Its still natural. It's beautiful. It's not some big touristy spot with thousands clogging up roads every weekend. I came out there so I could get away from exactly that. The best part of the Outer Banks is the off season. September is glorious. Open roads, open beaches and long summer nights.

Best part of Lake James are the super friendly people, the home grown nature and history.

If you want touristy, and crowded I don't suggest staying here. I suggest the Outer Banks, Lake Norman, Charlotte.

Lake James sunset
Sunset from Dragon Island on Lake James

If you want quiet, peaceful, serene? Stay here. Pick a place and put your feet up. Relax, listen to the birds. Listen for the gentle lapping waves to hit the beach and watch the sun slip behind the mountains. Then wait... and watch the stars come out. Take a canoe ride and make yourself feel small in the big dark expanse.

Remember your why.


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